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IT Universe India, a major PPC advertising agency, creates Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns for you to lead to new marketing tactics for your company’s Digital Success. Our Google ads specialist assesses, plans, and implements effective paid marketing campaigns. We employ a variety of data-driven insights and originality to create PPC ads that have a real force. Our expert of highly qualified PPC professionals will assist you in targeting the proper set of keywords, managing bids, and lowering your overall marketing expenses because attaining profit-oriented campaigns may be time-consuming and tough. With IT Universe India PPC management services, you may improve your search engine presence and achieve quick results.

Our Pay per click services

PPC advertising is the most special digital tool for quick transfer and increased visibility. IT Universe India is a pay per click Service Company in India, and we provide custom advertising solutions to brands for leads generations and increased web traffic. Our Google Ad expert offers an undeniable digital marketing service to increase a brand’s visibility and enhance its conversion rates. So here are some lists of services that generate quantifiable returns.

PPC administration

Partner with our pay-per-click company to get instant, qualified traffic to your landing pages without the headache. Choose our Display advertising services to receive budget-friendly conversion-driven ads. From keyword research and analysis to channel planning and PPC campaign launch to monitoring and pay-per-click ad testing, our pay-per-click management firm can handle it all.


Landing page conversion optimization

Our pay-per-click marketing company can help you increase the amount and quality of your leads. On your landing pages, we write compelling headlines, use high-performing keywords, develop engaging content, and include clear calls to action. Our Google ad expert combines SEO with PPC best practices to encourage internet visitors to perform their desired action.


Keyword study and analysis

Our PPC advertising company uses various methods to analyze your customers' search habits and forecast which keywords they will organize into the search box. Our Google ad words expert discover and categorize your target keywords based on industry relevance, search volume, and competition. Expect our paid search experts to keep refining your keyword selection to capture your target audiences' interest and search intent.


Conversion rate optimization

Move your target clients to the bottom of the sales funnel by capturing them at the right moment and on the right platform. Our pay-per-click ad agency creates effective PPC advertising, tests your landing page designs, and creates user-friendly lead collection forms to enhance your rate score and conversion rate.


Social media advertising

About 50 to 54% of online users conduct product research via social media sites. Our PPC experts identify your target audience, evaluate their social media behaviour, and use photos, videos, and text to increase customer reach and interaction. Put in pay-per-click advertising to raise brand consciousness, lower marketing expenses, and stay top-of-mind with the forecast.


Google ads management

To increase traffic and revenue online, engage with your ideal customers across search engines. IT Universe India's PPC experts conduct in-depth audits to guarantee that your products and services reach the right people. We optimize your PPC advertising for each platform, boost your SEM targeting, and use site link extensions to gain higher engagement rates.


Remarketing campaigns

Our PPC management company pinpoints your best-performing campaigns, develops remarketing advertising for high-value customers, and targets site visitors who have already demonstrated a desire to buy. Our Ad consultants determine the best frequency limitation for your remarketing campaigns to save marketing costs by determining the number of times your PPC adverts state to the same person. This allows you to target specific visitor categories and achieve better results at a lower cost.


Next door advertising

We claim and manage your Nextdoor company page, produce professional adverts customized to your customers, and create a landing page specifically for Nextdoor traffic. Our pay-per-click management firm uses this advertising to link your brand with local customers and enhance sales funnel conversions. Our PPC experts also have an analytics and size system in place to track and improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Our working process

Google ads

Adwords is the most effective platform for utilizing Google ads. Our Google Adwords experts will assist you in creating advertising, including keywords and the number of hits you wish to pay for. PPC ads can help you gain visibility more quickly.


The cost per click will increase as the volume of searches for a keyword increases. Targeting all popular keywords, on the other hand, can cost a lot of money with little payoff. This is where we assist you in developing the most effective PPC strategy and placing advertisements in the most appropriate locations.


Because simply placing your link at the top of the page does not guarantee a click, our PPC services do not finish with creating a keyword ad. We optimize every line of the ad displayed, the customer's landing page, and the SERP snippet. Search engines rank advertising depending on optimization parameters, and we make sure yours is constantly at the top. We bear every component of your PPC campaign to ensure that every click results in income.


We keep you updated on ad performance while reporting to you. In conjunction with you, IT Universe India uses the most advanced analytical tools to obtain reliable data on ad performance and implement conversion rate improvement approaches. Every stage is well-researched and data-driven, and we quickly eliminate what is not functioning.

We guarantee the following

Why IT Universe India services are Excellent

IT Universe India is a well-known pay-per-click advertising agency dedicated to your success. Every pay per click campaign we work on benefits from our years of experience and industry knowledge. Trust us to put our 100 per cent effort into enhancing your online performance, from PPC audits, Google ad help and account setup through ad administration and campaign monitoring. When you employ our pay-per-click marketing firm, you may expect the following:
We keep you informed about your online activity and campaign progress at all times as your specialized pay per click marketing agency. Our Google Ad services create unique campaign reports for you, including Google Analytics data, keyword rankings, and overall campaign performance. In addition, our PPC management company provides you with access to our client dashboard, which permits you to hunt the improvement of your campaign in real-time.
Our PPC ads consultants believe in controlling our client's voices and works hard to demonstrate this. We assess your marketing goals and current campaign performance during our initial consultation to make data-driven recommendations for you. We hold monthly meetings with your project managers and keep our lines available to talk about your PPC campaign plan whenever you want.
Thanks to our PPC Google ad agency, all components of your PPC campaign are aligned with your aims and follow industry laws. Our paid search experts look at your KPIs, account structure, remarketing strategies, and analytics. We do wide-ranging PPC audits to identify potential campaign flaws, alter your approach, and improve the effectiveness of your campaign.
Our PPC management company makes a multi-location PPC system to help you get the most out of your ad budget and supply tailored PPC advertising to your target demographics. We structure your PPC campaign by ad group and location, localize callout extensions and site links, and develop customized ad copy.
We make search engine marketing methods as simple as possible for you at IT Universe India. We assign a single point of contact to run your PPC campaign and answer your inquiries once you join our pay-per-click company. Our display advertising agency works as an extension of your in-house web marketing team.

Let's Talk

Finally, now is the greatest time to collaborate with our PPC management firm and generate leads and conversions. Our trained professionals will give you the most suitable PPC services in India. Please contact us via phone or email through our IT Universe India website if you require our services.


Does my target market click on my online PPC ADS?
These are often targeted to a specific audience and account for nearly half of all page hits. Compared to an organic guest, users who click on paid adverts are frequently ready to decide and, hence, more likely to buy a product or service.
How do I budget for my PPC marketing
Your PPC expenditures must be summed as inputs using your bid, targeting, and ad quality.
Why should we advertise with pay per click ads?
PPC is a universal internet advertising method that allows you to set a budget and change it whenever you want. Above all, unlike traditional advertising or digital marketing initiatives, you may directly target your ideal demographic.
How can PPC help my business?
  • Your new items and services are promoted.
  • Brand awareness is raised.
  • Increases your web site’s traffic in a timely and appropriate manner
  • PPC brings in more leads and sales for e-commerce companies.